OpenAI API error "License or domain is not valid"

I was trying to use the Automatic Plugin from ValvePress in my WordPress website, connected with the OpenAI API. I’ve made the configs necessary, used the API Key in my plugin settings page but when tried to run the code, I got a error response from OpenAI and was wandering if anyone out there can help me figure it out how to fix it.

The error message is: OpenAI API error “License or domain is not valid”

This “license” it cites is not the plugin license, because it’s already active and working, but the license of my account in OpenAI. My account is labeled Personal Use.

This mean that I cannot connect GPT into my website? Please help me, and thank you in advance!

Does OpenAI require a “license”? No. Does the plugin? Yes.

Does your account work in the OpenAI playground? Yes?

Plugin problem.

Maybe the WP plugin developer called the API key a license or something?

Did you have to put your API key in somewhere, OP?

Hello Paul, thank you for the reply!

Yes I’ve put the Secret Key in the plugin configurations page, but when the plugin run the task, it returns the message “OpenAI API error License or domain is not valid”. See the image for reference:

I saw that you replied earlier in August 26 in a topic from the user ggo06810 with an similar problem like mine, but in my case, the Automatic Plugin is licensed and validated. The error of “License or domain is not valid”, accordingly to the plugin, came from OpenAI and not the plugin. I also use the plugin to other functions and it works just fine, but I cound’t make work the openAI Chat GPT feature.

If you guys know some trick to make it work.

The plugin also requests the purchase code, that I got in Envato. Here in the following imagem you can see that the plugin is active and working, showing that is not a problem with it, but with the OpenAI connection of my website and ChatGPT servers.

Does OpenAI have to allow the use of this feature in my website? Do I need to have a Pro Account in the plataform to use it in my website?

Yeah, we were talking about OpenAI ChatGPT plugins in the other thread, I believe.

You might want to reach out to the WordPress Plug-in developer and ask for assistance as they’ll be more familiar with it. Any issues on the plugins WP page?

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The only thing you’d need to provide an application is a working API key that it can use to communicate with the OpenAI API.

If this uses OpenAI node.js or python, it may be that an update was received on your hosting platform today that the plugin can’t deal with until re-coded, but usually a shared host drags its feet on installing current libraries instead.

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Hi marrartins
I got a same problems with you.Did yours plugin working now?
I’ve tried to reach plug-in support and they seems can’t fix it

Same issue here. Opened a new thread for attention. Thanks