OpenAI GPT Error: License or domain is not valid - I have already gone through the forum for the same issue to no avail!


  Am trying to use the openAI API with the WP Auto Spinner plugin and am getting this error all the time.

"OpenAI GPT Error: License or domain is not valid "

I have read about the same issue some other users have reported however could not find a solution as I see some of them being redirected to the Plugin Developer. This is not a plugin issue as other paid Spinner APIs work fine. It would be great if someone can help.


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I’d encourage you to reach out to the developer, or maybe double check your configuration. Sounds like the developer is asking you for a license fee.

Here’s why I think this isn’t an OpenAI issue:

OpenAI platform API errors come as 4xx http error codes with actually pretty descriptive messages. This doesn’t look like it.

Furthermore, the OpenAI platform API doesn’t work with licenses - but rather with quotas, rate limits, and authorizations.

And finally, the OpenAI platform API doesn’t care about domains. The only thing you’ll see in that regard are CORS issues, but they seem to be a current intermittent bug. But I don’t think that’s your issue.

For these reasons I don’t think that this is an OpenAI api error - you need to talk to your plugin developer, or the plugin community, to figure out what it means :confused:

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Thanks for your reply.

Am afraid we are looking into the issue with the keywords present in the error message. As mentioned in my original post, other APIs work fine inside the plugin, only OpenAI has issues.

Moreover I have a GPL license of this plugin and it has unlimited usage. The word “License” in the error has nothing to do with my plugin license as the plugin itself works great on my several sites.

I totally understand how the OpenAI platform works as am on a paid API plan. Because couple others in the forum had a similar error like mine and their threads are still open without a proper resolution, I would sincerely suggest some sort of introspection into this issue.

Am not saying this should be or is an OpenAI issue, am only requesting an investigation which is already due as seen from the forum on the same error message with the same plugin.


so you have the source code? why not find the string “License or domain is not valid” or “OpenAI GPT Error” in your plugin source, and print out the full error?

I have the GPL license which I purchased from a wholesaler. I do not have access to the source code. The reason why I mentioned unlimited GPL license was because your post quoted the license part.

Coming back, does this mean there is no way out of this?


The GPL requires human readable source code be made available to you.

But yes, i’m 99.9% sure it’s not an openai issue.