OpenAI API 404 error code

Hi there,

I need help with running a project for my thesis. The project is available at github; I have not changed the code.

I am receiving a 404 error (Answer: Failed to obtain answer via API). I looked up the error return code on the help page, and it happens in two cases. Either I am not a member of an organization (I am using a personal organization, so I believe this is not the problem), or I am providing an incorrect API key. I think that I have a valid key because I have created a short program copying chat completions generation from the docs, only using GPT4 instead of GPT-3.5-Turbo, and it works correctly. I checked the endpoint API compatibility (src/, line 18), and it seems correct.

This behavior is strange because I ran this code about two months ago without any problems.

I am thankful for any insights!
Regards, Jakub Tehlar

Fixed. For anyone facing similar issues, the problem was that the GPT model used in the LLM was deprecated in the meantime, and the new recommended replacement needed to be used instead.

Thank you for sharing the result.