OpenAI announcement: ChatGPT enterprise - ChatGPT web platform for business (contact sales)

Announcement (I just found, I am not announcing):


We’re launching ChatGPT Enterprise, which offers enterprise-grade security and privacy, unlimited higher-speed GPT-4 access, longer context windows for processing longer inputs, advanced data analysis capabilities, customization options, and much more.


  • User management
  • 32k context in ChatGPT
  • Unlimited GPT4 queries
  • Chat templates
  • “code interpreter” → “advanced data analysis”


Free Plus Enterprise
$0 $20/mo $?.??

Product page:

Note: ChatGPT is the website and app chatbot, not the API for developers. API credits are included with enterprise plans, though.

(Probable price: “How much you got?”)


Thanks for sharing.

Any guesses on pricing?

$100/month + $10/seat?

I’ve just asked for pricing and waiting for response. What i don’t perfectly understand is if the API for developers is affected by this new service. We are using API with GPT-4 as “pay as you go”, but it’s limited only to 8k tokens: with Enterprise subscription could we use API with GPT-4-32k?

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I think that ChatGPT Enterprise and the OpenAI API are two different products, similar to how ChatGPT Plus and the API were also distinct. They could release an Enterprise API, but that would be somewhat odd, given that costs already increase as the model improves.

I find it a bit confusing that on one hand, they offer a 32k web model for an additional fee, but on the other hand, they don’t let you choose which model you want to use in the API, even if you’re willing to pay for it.

As a full-time programmer in a company, I find ChatGPT Enterprise exciting. But I’m also a hobbyist who likes to use the API on a smaller scale. This development fills me with some unease.

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Wondering if it will be possible to get without actually having a company, just more cost.


Agreed, a “pro” option that has the same features as the Enterprise, but requires only a personal email and non company details would be a popular option I think.

You could of course create a website and attach an email to that and treat yourself as a company, perhaps even incorporate yourself, has great cost savings when done correctly.


how much of the enterprise version? could you please send it to me by email

Hi and welcome to the developer forum!

This is not a thing that exist, it is just a thread commenting about what people would like to see. You can get mor details about ChatGPT Enterprise here

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Good Afternoon to all of open Ai.
Just a quick question is Enterprise avaliable to all that apply for the upgrade or are there criteria that need to be meet. a simple easy list would be nice . I dont see anything on the announcement page , and i have filled in the form but its telling me that, There was a problem submitting your application.

To the Open Ai Team Has the site crashed due to demand.


You’ll need to reach out to sales for more information, there could be some clarification announcements later, but for now this is the full text :

Thank you for getting back to me, this was were i found my information. From what i have read is that the enterprise will be roulling out to customers.
I read this.
" We’re onboarding as many enterprises as we can over the next few weeks. Connect with our sales team to get started."

  I guess its a First come, First serve bases. the advance security. 32k and the data that is not used for training is music to my ears. Im just not able to submite an enter, get in line i think and i think the list is a bit long too.

Thank you once again. All good things come to those who wait.

Our organization is having the same problem contacting the sales team through the links provided on their website and the community. As stated by another poster in this thread, we are receiving the following error when submitting our application:

“There was a problem submitting your application.”

We have sent a message about the error through OpenAI’s website chatbot and are told to expect a response within a week.

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Maybe like the possible $300/mo for X API credits plan and its features leaked early on at API introduction (and now API 20x cheaper to just use), Enterprise would also come with more responsive support as a line item…

Same problem here. I am unable to contact the sales team.


“There was a problem submitting your application.”


I’m also not a business. It’s for a family. We’re all using GPT-4 already! lol

I hope to subscribe to ChatGPT Enterprise for at least 2 or 3 people.

That’s likely why the email box is blown up.

An enterprise is Boeing or Pfizer. Not your shared Netflix account.

Everybody could be an Enterprise. :slight_smile:

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I think that ChatGPT Enterprise and the OpenAI API are two different products, similar to how ChatGPT Plus and the API were also distinct

Ya, it seems like ChatGPT Enterprise is a version of ChatGPT (the app) that gives enterprises control over user access, data & other nice configuration points.

However, I’m wondering if the TOS and Security any different than when using the API directly? Or using Azure OpenAI service?

I guess I’m trying to understand what the best plan is for a business that is ONLY interested in using the API?

I am also experiencing the error message in submitting the application. I am looking to get an enterprise license for commercial use in a small business but cannot seem to submit my request anywhere. They are probably blown up at the moment if their “now hiring” positions listed is any indication. I wish they would open an inbox with templated email subjects to fill the gap while they troubleshoot their application page.

Yes, I find 8k externally unproductive and waste of money. Hope someone listening.

ChatGPT Enterprise has access to ChatGPT-4 32K.
(It is not know if the included API credits allow access to GPT-4 32K API)
Please see