Is chatgpt enterprise expensive? Is there a minimum budget? Who qualifies?

I think I might want to build ontop of the enterprise module (API), but I wonder if anyone has any experience with enterprise? What I want to be able to do is drastically increasing, I might want to develop or deploy functionality to a customer, or just find a way to automate and enhance my experience, enhanced capacity would drastically improve my experience and I would write docs/articles so other people can follow what I am doing or find out whether or not they want to use Enterprise themselves by writing articles on Linkedin/Medium.

Clearly it asks for websites and company names in the sales section, but I am only an individual at the moment.

I’m not sure if ChatGPT has an enterprise version, but the API does. From what I heard, the demand is very high and they are prioritizing those who need the license for 150+ seats.

ChatGPT Enterprise is just ChatGPT the website, but with a method that makes paying for and managing employees possible.

The pricing is likely negotiated and proprietary. The qualifications are indeed 150+ when someone last leaked why they were denied.

For escalating API use, you ascend tiers by prepaying for credits. By the time you’ve put $100k into the system, they might notice you. Or you can go directly to for negotiations if you are approaching that range.

Nothing you describe you can’t do already in the API, except write articles about how much ChatGPT Enterprise costs.

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So 32K is available to regular customers?