Does anyone have access to the Enterprise API yet?

When will OpenAI actually start granting access to the Enterprise API?

When the 32k GPT-4 was withdrawn, it essentially blocked my development since I need that context length for my use case. Does anyone have access to it? How long did you wait? And since they asked some questions, I am guessing there are criteria for acceptance? Any one know much about those?

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Enterprise is already active and being used b y companies globally, you need to reach out to Enterprise sales to get in line for access. Make sure you use the contact sales link.

I am not aware of an Enterprise API, there is ChatGPT Enterprise which includes API credits, but not an Enterprise API.

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Oh. Well I have reached out to them.

I am interested in a 32k context length for API calls, is that not a thing?

Yes, the 32K API exists, to use the OpenAI version at the moment is invite only, there is a 32K version of ChatGPT for Enterprise, but it does not explicitly state that the 32K version will be available for API usage. Microsoft Azure offers a range of services based on OpenAI products, but you would need to contact Azure about that.

I haven’t found a single post where someone filling out the form after the announcement was made has confirmed being given company access yet, or even engaging with sales. Many “not heard back for weeks”, though.

You mean you don’t need Enterprise to use the 32k version? How do I go about requesting access?

The only people having a chance of getting new API 32k are via Microsoft Azure OpenAI services. You’ll need to have a business case and a particular usage in mind with the filled out form, and like ordering k-tel’s greatest hits, 4-6 weeks.

The developer forum would not be the place to find the majority of Enterprise users.

The turnaround time on Azure OpenAI access is a few hours now btw. Use to take longer. However as others outlined, this is mainly for enterprises.

I waited about 8 hours, and they let me in…does now mean I have to write an invocation layer for Haystack probably