OpenAI announcement: ChatGPT enterprise - ChatGPT web platform for business (contact sales)

How did you even managed to get 8k? Isn’t 4k official maximum, and real processing under 2350?

ChatGPT Plus using GPT-4 has a model context length of 8192 tokens. When falling back to 3.5 or using the free ChatGPT, that model has a context length of 4096.

In ChatGPT, 1536 tokens of context length are reserved for creating the response. 60 tokens more are overhead by the basic system programming and formatting.

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Maybe I misunderstood tokens. Is there anywhere on openAI official statement what token now is?
I put in a lot of instructions in Custom instructions. Does anyone know if that is counted in every request as well?
Btw, those custom instructions are usless. In almost every query it doesn’t take it in to consideration. For example, I wrote: do not capitalize every starting letter in Titile or do not write conclusion on bottom of everything but he does. I stated I use vb and it replays sometimes in C# or Phyton…

Simply pasting text into a tokenizer will let you understand how language is compressed into words and fragments of words, and typical counts.

A 32k model within ChatGPT sounds promising, but also only if they enhance the conversation history ability to take advantage, and also re-tune to allow gpt-4 to produce the long high-quality output it made at introduction.

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So, what’s the price? - “Contact sales” usually means it is too much for ordinary people…

What’s your credit rating on a Dun & Bradstreet pull? What round of VC funding are you in? What’s your market cap? What grants does your 990-PF show you are operating under? - “Enterprise” usually means it is too much for ordinary people…

I don’t even understand 2 of those questions :innocent:

Anybody got an actual price tag on this?

Does the contract forbid the disclosure of pricing?

One wonders if it is even on hold, as ChatGPT was rolled back to August 3 version, while you can see in release notes August 28 was the announcement of Enterprise - and then ChatGPT had terrible performance and blackouts for three days.

Thanks, good to know. I’m happy that I already went investigating alternatives.

Has anyone heard back from the sales team? I sent in my request 2 weeks ago and haven’t heard back yet.

No reply yet for two weeks. I’m pretty anxious to be honest, that the sales team is only fielding inquiries for mega cap businesses so it might be some necessary to find competitors offerings.

I’ve started a small business with a need for 25 - 250 licenses in a few years but I wonder if this is too small for them. I selected 1-50 thinking it would be more appropriate for the next 12 months but I think I should have erred on the optimistic side :joy:

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The same here. There has been no answer for 3 weeks. Not what you would expect from OpenAI

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Same here - We are also waiting for a response since weeks.
I’ll guess we have to be patient, let’s see when the competition will catch up to give us a choice…

I am ready to sign up for Enterprise for as much as $500/month plus usage or plus per user or whatever.

Those interested: It has been reported from those that made inquiries that OpenAI is focusing deployment of ChatGPT Enterprise to those with more than 150 seats.