How to contact Open-AI for change plan?


I work for a school as a web developer, and we’ve taken the GPT-Team plan a few months ago for dozens of users (employees only).
The license is rather expensive since the launch of GPT-4o for free, but the privacy of data is very important, at least for some users.

I have seen that GPT is launching a plan for school and non-profitable organization, we are booth.
How can i contact the marketing teams to take advantage of this new plan, we’ve already paid our licenses for the year.
I hope we can get a discount or a commercial offer.

I try to contact us by the contact form, but they say the Team is the right option for us, while we should pay less than traditional company.

How can i contact a real human in this enterprise ? Does someone have successfully taken a plan for non-lucrative organization ?
I think that company is just inaccessible for most company and considers only very big tech with thousands of user.
I just need a real conversion with a human on a phone.

It’s right on the bottom of their ChatGPT Edu announcement page.

I try this form but they don’t understand my message or pretend to not understand our usages.
We are a school we must get a discount.

The product that this “edu” is offering seems student-oriented. It is the same feature set as the free ChatGPT, just with higher usage limit of the gpt-4o model.

Having purchased teams for business administration group seems correct. The next step up is ChatGPT enterprise, where they personalize the sales offer when you are looking for the entrance level of hundreds of seats.

Thank you for your reply, I am reassured that we have chosen the right subscription.
If Chat GPT Enterprise is for at least 100 seats we’re not the customer for this.
How many it cost per user for Enterprise subscription ?

OpenAI has not published the enterprise prices, and that they have not been publicly disclosed by others likely means that the agreement comes with non-disclosure terms.

I suspect every enterprise sales opportunity is a negotiation that starts with “how much you got?” And that the enterprise features such as enhanced user management and unlimited use, along with API credits, are of higher cost instead of discount.

When I contacted them it was $60 per seat for a month, a minimum of 150 seats, and you had to sign a year contract. So, $108,000, and then as a non-profit it is 50% off so it’s $54,000.

Thanks, for the price it’s correct as non-profit but for users it’s not we don’t need as much seats.
It don’t like that for estimate the price of GPT-Enterprise we need to investigate and believe in rumors, i already heard that is 60$/user with 150 seats at least.