Enterprise usage of ChatGPT 4o API vs developer usage


Is the cost per query for companies with systems that constantly query from chatgpt4o the same as developers?
If you do the math, for 24/7 querying the cost is exponential and does not seem useful for enterprise systems.

Are you talking about ChatGPT, (chat.openai.com) or the platform? (platform.openai.com)

I mean the latter (the API) platform.openai.com

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In my experience enterprise plans are more expensive than retail. For… multiple reasons…

It’s probably not the best idea to look at cost alone - ideally, you should be putting the models to work to generate some kind of value. If value - cost is positive and exceeds the margins of your previous process, you’re positive.

So I’d argue it can be useful, even if it’s more expensive.

But if your fundamental question is whether there’s bulk pricing, the answer is sorta.

  • you have the batch API 50% off, but that’s also just retail.
  • Azure used to offer private hosts, but I can’t find any official detes on that anymore. Suffice to say it wasn’t cheap. A medium post claims it was a quarter million a year (unverified).
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I see, thank you for the response! I am just trying to understand how the pricing works. Since I had heard from someone before that enterprise solutions can negotiate the cost with openAI depending on their scale and use-cases.

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If you have to pay $0.25 per drive-through AI hamburger order, but don’t have to pay someone $20 per hour (or $3 an hour in an India call center), that can still come out as a corporate win (or even wasting customer’s time on self-checkout systems, because it’s not your paid labor inputting data).

Without contacting sales, API users can do up to $50,000 a month within the tier system, with a “request exception” form for going above that. That is also the starting point of monthly leaked pricing a year ago for a few units of dedicated compute to run midrange models.

With contacting sales (and having your D&B report and capital funding source handy so they respond), you’ll probably first have to sign an NDA that your pricing negotiation is secret so it doesn’t end up on this forum to know what is reasonable and paid by others.

Yeah, typically it’s not in the enterprises’ favor. What you get now is probably the cheapest anyone is getting (apart from sponsored folks)

If you want a public case study on how this stuff works, you can look at the cloudflare :poop: that went down a couple of weeks ago :laughing:

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Thank you! I didn’t know about the NDA part. It makes sense though because I couldn’t find any information online.