OpenAI and Microsoft biz dev question

This is a business development-related question for anyone who works with Microsoft at OpenAI.

I’ve been working as a freelance writer and copyeditor for Microsoft for the past few years, primarily on projects related to Azure. I write case studies, blog posts, and marketing copy about how various companies are using Azure. I first wrote for MS 20 years ago, in support of the Xbox launch.

I’m also in the process of launching a company called Machines & Dreamland. We’re developing a platform that integrates earth data with video games in the cloud to confront our climate emergency. The platform is specificially designed to take advantage of Azure’s many features and services. I’ve been working with an Azure account rep to line up meetings with key departments at MS, and have also been getting advice from a MS Distinguished Engineer on how to navigate various departments.

As is the case with a company as big as Microsoft, often the conversations I’m having happen in isolated silos. I’ve talked with people in Xbox, cloud gaming, Azure, M12, and the Planetary Computer program.

What I’m hoping for here is to connect with someone at OpenAI who works within Microsoft and is responsible for integrating and aligning OpenAI with other MS initiatives and teams. I see GPT-3 as potentially foundational to developing my platform, and thought I’d throw this out if there’s an opportunity to forge some sort of mutually beneficial connection.

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Sure - DM me your email and I’ll connect you