We are using openai gpt assistants for AI avatars of famous sports celebrities

Hi guys, can anyone here connect me with OpenAI Dev Relations team? I am looking for some help with their Assistants API for our use case.

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Just ask away, half a million of us here to help.

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So we are making some AI avatars of famous sports celebrities. We are using openai gpt assistants API to make them but we are finding it very difficult to calculate what costs would be as we are making a credit system for users. How can we work this out?

Also, is there any ideas when the Assistants will get updated by OpenAI?

Be careful with those as I know sports teams have a lot of money/lawyers to go after people, and I think it’s against OpenAI Terms of Service too? Good to check. Better safe than sorry!

As for costs, you could just run a few dozen, average them out, then charge the customers a bit more…

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