Open AI API Billing does not charge from credits

Instead of billing from credits, OpenAI is attempting to bill from my card. I have had a lot of credits added due to Maldivian banks blocking OpenAI. The support staff assured me that these credits will work for at least a year, but this is month 1, and I’m getting warning emails for suspension over $2 while I have close to a $100 in credits. I have emailed help today and also contacted through the chat version of help on 9th of this month over this and I have got no replies. I will be suspended on 15th as per the email if the payment does not clear.

The way we pay for OpenAI while the block is in place is through virtual cards. But mainly the question is what happened to all the credits I added? Why can’t the bill be settled by it? And why is OpenAI attempting to charge my card while credits are present?

I just saw that there is another issue exactly like this

I guess I need to pay this amount from a virtual card to avoid suspension. But what about the credits I added? And what about the supports’ assurance that the credits would be valid? :frowning: