Ongoing account issue with OpenAI

Hello everyone,

I am reaching out to the OpenAI community in the hope of getting assistance regarding an ongoing account issue that I’ve been facing for the past few months, with no response so far.

On July 1st this year, I encountered an issue where my API access suddenly failed, showing the message “No organization selected,” and the same message appeared on my organization page. I found a solution on the forum ( – logging out and logging back in. However, this led to more confusion as I discovered that my previous API records were missing, and I had also lost the permission to use the gpt4.0 API. When I attempted to log back in using my bank card, I realized that my bank card was no longer recognized by OpenAI.

However, a more serious issue occurred on July 20th, where OpenAI blocked all accounts associated with my email. This means I am unable to use any of OpenAI’s products. Despite my attempts to reach out through multiple emails and contact OpenAI’s support team, I have yet to receive any response.

I greatly value OpenAI’s technology and platform, and I have always been eager to continue participating and contributing. However, these issues have left me feeling helpless, as I am unsure how to get in touch with the OpenAI team to address these concerns.

If any community members or administrators are able to assist me, offer advice, or get in touch with OpenAI’s support team, I would greatly appreciate it. I genuinely hope to receive a response and resolve these issues, so that I can continue engaging with OpenAI’s activities.

It should be noted that I have been trying to OpenAI’s security center and have sent emails to find out what is going on. However, to this day, I still have not received any response or explanation. This is disappointing to me as I have always considered OpenAI to be a trustworthy and responsible platform.

Thank you all for your attention and assistance! @logankilpatrick

August 7th

Welcome to the developer forum!,

For account related issues please use OpenAI Help Centre in the bottom right corner is a message icon. image click the icon and enter your issue, the bot will take your details and a member of the account support team will get back to you, it may take several weeks due to the number of people currently using the system.

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tengo problema con mi cuenta, me llamo enrique Iriarte y mi cuenta de correo es me suscribí en gpt4 plus y puedo trabajar con la aplicación , pero cuando voy a mi cuenta ni aparece el pago , me dice que la versión de prueba está caducada, ademas quiero usar gpt4 con excel word documents y necesito API keys no me genera valores que funcionen.