Onboarding advice and suggestions needed

Does anyone have any onboarding tips?

What have you done at your companies?

Is there a trick I’m missing?

I’m sure there will be others who’ve run into similar issues, so I’m looking for any ideas at all.

We tested ChatGPT teams with a small control group of about 12 users and finally decided to go all in and add the whole company to it. However after inviting all 258 users, none of the email invites have worked. Our plan has been capped at 20 users and despite all invoices being up to date we’re unable to add anymore.

I’ve spoken to support who have been less than useless just telling me to talk to sales about buying enterprise, not a solution!

I would be eternally grateful if anyone on here with far more experience with ChatGPT than me will be able to point out my rookie errors.

In the end I had to close our current plan and open a new plan with 258 users upfront. Only then were we able to add everyone.