oHandle.com - Create a Chatbot from Website or PDFs

oHandle provides a unified interface to scrape your website from a sitemap and create a ready-to-use chat bot available on web and WhatsApp.

Here are the steps to get started for free:

  1. Signup at ohandle.com
  2. Create a subscription by giving it a name and a unique handle (for e.g. @myservice)
  3. Upload content using website scrapping by giving a sitemap URL, uploading pdfs or single URL scrapping
  4. Go to Start your chat Session | oHandle Web Chat and connect to your service by sending your @handle created above (like @myservice)
  5. Ask questions and get answers in the chat window from the content your just published

This can be useful for companies trying to build their own chat bots against loads of content. oHandle chat window can be used to connect to any service provider registered on platform by sending their @handle.

Please tell me your feedback and would appreciate your ideas on how to reach to the right customers.


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This community was an active participant during the development of oHandle via the Prompt Injection Challenge.