Oddly removed without explanation?

I created a custom gpt called ‘Charm Crafter’ that focuses on 3d charm concepts. Around 3am today I received an email that my gpt was removed publicly.

I see nowhere that it would of violated anything and I looked up the instructions I gave it including the provided reference images. It was literally just a 3d concept charm maker that would generate images through dalle 3. Would be nice to have a actual reason so I can fix it… but nothing.

I guess in the future I could challenge it… but what exactly flagged it?

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What did the email say, specifically? It gave no reason?

Maybe confusing as it sounds (or could sound like) it makes actual 3d charms? Maybe user reports/flags?

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Thank you.

This is the email.

I created the gpt it through chatgpt editor a few days ago.

It is a concept creator for 3d charms. Thats all it was. So if I requested a charm of a turtle it would make a charm that would have a little metal hook like ones you would put on a bracelet or phone. Thats all it was.

I would go through all your instructions and make sure they line-up with the ToS and Usage Policies. Sounds like they’re working on an appeal process. In the meantime, see what you can glean on your own. Think of it from OpenAI’s perspective… Good luck.

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I looked through the my instructions.

I did have this line ‘Charm Crafter respects intellectual property, uses inclusive language, and steers clear of legal or manufacturing advice.’

This was to make sure it reminds the user not to ask for copyrighted content etc. The gpt builder asked me to include this as an instruction.

The rest is just telling it to make wide image concepts etc.

It might be my reference images? Maybe that is what flagged it? I dont see why but it is possibly an auto detect false alarm.

I just hope the rest of my custom ones are okay.

Example of one the generated charms:

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Do you have any other Custom GPTs? Emails for any of the others?

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Nope. Nothing. Just that one.
The other 20 plus ones I created arent flagged.

The charm crafter was number 4 I put together out of the 20 plus.

I didnt share it anywhere on a forum or social media site. Only published it for the store.

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