Not receiving free credits despite having a completely new phone number

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t seem to receive the $5 dollar credits anymore. I’m having this issue for a WEEK now. I checked everywhere for proof if they removed it, from X, discord and reddit and I didn’t see they posted anything regarding to the removal of credits and didn’t see any CONCRETE proof. I’m starting to doubt now. I’m hoping that this just an issue :pray::pray::pray:

Yes, this free service has stopped for one week.

How do you know it’s only stopped for a week?

You exploiting the free credits program so much that you know when it was discontinued may be exactly WHY it was discontinued.


Now that it’s over, there is no need to bash anybody for something that may just as well been lost in translation, or something similar.

It also means that in three months there will not be any more questions about the free tier.

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I asked people too and they’re having the same issues in discord

Yeah that makes sense, but how do they know it’s only happening for a week? Or am I misunderstanding and they’re saying it’s been like this for a week?

I think they first encountered the issue at March 20. I also tried making account that day using that account in my post. I saw this issue for like Jun 2023, and free trials is back again so I think I don’t believe it got removed or something. They should at least publicly announced it, right?

What in the world? They discontinued it, seriously? Why? This explains why I couldn’t create a new account on OpenAI for the API. This is utterly messed up. My old API limit was set to end on April 3, 2024, and I needed to create a new one as I was working on a project for my TYCS. And now, after everything’s set up, they pull this stunt? What am I supposed to present to the teacher now? An empty quota error message? Why would OpenAI do this?

I know right? I’m also working on a presentation when this happened. Maybe this is just an issue way back in Nov 2023. I also saw an issue regards this in Apr 2023, Jun, Aug, Sep, Oct, Jan 2024 and Feb (I don’t know, correct me if I’m right.) and my peeps in discord said they experienced this a week ago. I just hope this is just a bug they overlooked. But one thing that I’m certain. It didn’t got removed.

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This is downright appalling, to put it mildly. After all the support and affection we’ve shown them, is this what we get in return? It’s evident that this is nothing but a money-grabbing scheme, coercing everyone to cough up $20, which amounts to roughly ₹1600 in Indian currency. For a middle-class student like myself, this is exorbitant. It appears that these individuals don’t want new and young developers to strive without shelling out a significant sum to them.

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Free credits are essentially limited to one on a per-individual basis.
(free credits are not meant for doing homework…)


Yeah, I know. It sucks. As a senior high student experimenting a lot of stuff that relies on Open AI credits, this is so unfair. I don’t know how am I supposed to continue my experiment. I really do hope they take it back. They’re being petty and stingy.

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If all you’re worried about is experimenting and learning about this stuff you could always run an open-source model locally for free (e.g. using LM Studio).

The API is a product, specifically one aimed at developers. If you’re looking to use OpenAI’s models for free that’s why ChatGPT free accounts exist.

I can understand that in different countries the costs can be prohibitive, but unfortunately that doesn’t change how much it costs to run the models.


Would you rent your computer for free to run LLM models for others? No? Hm.

You don’t need to add 20$ in credits if you don’t want. 1$ can be enough for some dozens of gpt-3.5-turbo requests.

Nobody is forcing you to pay them any money.

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