Not able to upload screenshots to chat gpt-4 anymore

Hey all! Anyone else experiencing this?
… Until recently, I was able to upload images to GPT-4, and it would explain stuff to me based on what was on the image.

Today however, this function is not working.

… so basically, I had the feature. Now I don’t. Or it worked, now it doesn’t.

Any ideas?

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Issue resolved :sweat_smile:
I use chrome browser, and have multiple gpt browser windows open. It seems that when I crated a new chat, but didn’t refresh the tab, the system didnt let me upload the image.

Once I refreshed my browser however, the issue was resolved, and I can now upload screenshots again. :+1:

Hi I’m having the same issue. I tried on my phone too, but it seems I can’t upload pictures anymore.

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Hi, it seems I have a similar issue as well. I cannot upload pictures even after refreshing

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Yup, it’s happening all around it seems…

yes i also unable to upload screenshoot.
what is the proble,??

I have the same issue too. :confused: Status on Chatgpt says it’s all okay

Me too.
Everyone has this problem now…

same problem here :frowning: chat gpt keeps suggesting that all systems are operational. Earlier today, I successfully uploaded an image without any problems.

Same here! I thought there was an issue with the image itself…

Even I have the same issue. But I saved my screenshot in Jpeg format and uploaded it again, and it worked.


jpg worked.

The default MacOS screenshot format is png. Enter the following command in the terminal to convert to jpg:

defaults write type jpg;killall SystemUIServer