“No Organization Selected”

Help, please. My ChatGPT Plus Paid Account access is entirely blocked due to “No Organization Selected”. I accidentally removed the default organization. I need openai staff member to add my default organization back in.


This forum is not a support channel, please reach out to OpenAI support: OpenAI Help Center

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Logan, I’ve already reached out many times to openai support, for weeks now, to help solve this problem (lack of access for my paid Chatgpt Plus account), and have gotten no response. How can I connect with someone that can fix the problem?

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I’m having the same issue - I’ve reached out to support but no luck so far.

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Same here, that’s pretty annoying TBH.

Hey all, i had the same issue, for my the solution was to delete all my old keys and leaving only the latest one i generated

The same thing happened to me also. please suggest solution, how to fix it.