No organization selected no organization selected

I encountered an error “no organization selected” with my account and I am unable to use it. I would appreciate your assistance in fixing this issue. Thank you!

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Where does this error occur? API call, account page?

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account page!

Spencer Bentley via OpenAI Developer Forum <> 于2023年7月14日周五 01:20写道:

Unable to connect to GPT through the API, neither GPT-3.5 nor GPT-4.0 can be used.

徐道灵 <> 于2023年7月14日周五 12:46写道:

Review your API keys page.

At the bottom, see the default organization.

It might have been set to one you are no longer a member of.

j via OpenAI Developer Forum <> 于2023年7月14日周五 13:34写道:

Were you part of an organisation and were then removed from it? i.e. is this a company account?
In any case you should use the help system, here :

I am unable to perform any actions. The entire page is displaying as such.

我是个人的API 并没有加入任何团队

Spencer Bentley via OpenAI Developer Forum <> 于2023年7月14日周五 14:30写道:

I am an individual API user and have not joined any organization. I am an independent game developer who independently applied for GPT-4.0 API access.

徐道灵 <> 于2023年7月14日周五 15:25写道:

OK, then you need to reach out to and use the Bot in the bottom right corner to give your details and problem.

You can still have an organization, your own. You can see if it is configured.

  • In, go to the upper right with your icon and name,
    (the name you see if not your email or google is your organization
  • Click, the dropdown will show your email, then a separator bar, then your organization,
  • Choose manage account → settings
  • For organization, input or change organization name, see organization ID, press save.
  • Go to API keys, see if you don’t have a normal dialog now. Generate API key, choose default organization.

If none of that seems like my instructions, something about the account is quite messed up.

j via OpenAI Developer Forum <> 于2023年7月14日周五 16:29写道: