No longer have the access to the email

I signed up with my work email and no longer have the access to that email as I do not work there anymore. I currently cannot log into my chatgpt account because I forget the password and last time I checked my account was blocked. Is there any way to delete or recover the account by using my phone number?

Welcome to the forum,
For account related issues please use OpenAI Help Centre in the bottom right corner is a message icon. image click the icon and enter your issue, the bot will take your details and a member of the account support team will get back to you, it may take several weeks due to the number of people currently using the system.

So you dont have access to the email.
You dont have access to your password.

You’re in the website, and you HAVE access to your account here. So that would mean you have access to your chatgpt account, because the communityopenai account is the same as the chatgpt account. So you could go to your account and find your password there. I dont know how.

If your on a MacOS, which I am on, then you can go to Keychain Access to find it.
If neither of these options work, then I am afraid your fricked.

The one I’m using here is a different one than my ChatGPT account. I signed up here without using my phone number, just using an email and password. Unfortunately I still cannot log into my Chat GPT account as there is no way to solve this issue only by using the phone number.

So it doesn’t tell you what email you used to long into this?
welp… it’s probably a lost cause, you could try contacting GMAIL or ICLOUD or… lol, ARPANET (OG service)