No access to GPT-4 with PLUS subscription

Typically when I log into ChatGPT, there is a slider at the top of the page that lets me toggle between 3.5 and 4. That slider is gone and I’ve been stuck with 3.5 as a default all day. I have a subscription to PLUS but no access to ChatGPT-4.

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There is an ongoing issue with new subscriptions, your account may be caught up in that. OpenAI is currently working on it.

To stay informed of their efforts you can follow along here:

and subscribe to get an email notification when the status of the issue changes.

FWIW, I’m not a new subscriber. I’ve had a subscription since May (unless that counts as new lol)


Of course, I understand you’re not new, my thought here was that the issue you are experiencing seems to be the same—you’ve paid but your subscription isn’t “taking effect.”

Hence my thinking that they may be related in some way.

My assumption is this particular issue is an “all-hands” situation as it appears somewhat major, and I expect it will get resolved quicker than you would get a response to any support channel you try to access.

So you could take a wait and see approach, maybe when they figure out the issue and resolve it your problem will go away too or you could reach out to or use the chatbot at to initiate your own help ticket. My only worry is that, given the scope of the current known issue and how closely it relates to what you are experiencing, your ticket might just get accumulated in with all of the new subscribers submitting issue and overlooked anyway.

That said, there’s no harm in reaching out through the official support channels.

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Gotcha. Thanks for the insight, much appreciated.

Same Here, Plus account (Not new) which behave as a non paid account. I therefore do not have access to my plus GPT-4 service including plugins.

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At this point I would advise you to reach out to the support channels I posted above.

They are still working on a fix for the new sign-ups who were affected.

Speculation on my part, but is it possible your and @Smoso86 renewals went through during the affected period?

Regardless, I would contact support with your information.

I had the same problem. I removed aiprm and it fixed the problem immediately. Full access restored.

What is aiprm? I too face the same problem in accessing GPT4 and its features

I have been having a similar issue since November 8th. I have access to GPT-4 but have no access to my created GPTs (nor I can create new ones). Impossible to have a response from OpenAI support on the topic. I am a paid user yet the platform asks me to upgrade. If I try to upgrade it tells me I am already a PLUS user. I have had one response from the support team almost 3 weeks ago only asking me for additional info that I already sent them the day they asked me. No reply since then. VERY frustrating!


I have a similar issue right now. I can’t select ChatGPT-4 wheras my PLUS subscription should still be activated. Clicking on the upgrade buton change the url in the navigator ("#pricing" is added at the end of it), but nothing else happens.

Hello i am having the same issue now. Did you get it fixed already?

Hi. I am having the same problem. This morning ChatGPT-4 was there but after searching for my API key which needed which I needed for Assistant AI when I went back to ChatGPT it would not give me access to 4. I have a pounding headache because I have been running around in circle with bots :unamused:

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Hi, same issue here. I have a subscription, and yet it only lets me use 3.5, and if I want to switch to ChatGPT 4, it asks me to sign up for another subscription…

This thread started last July and it is now almost April and I am having the same problem. I have a plus account and I can’t use chatgpt 4 and I can’t upload documents. Does anyone know how to fix this.

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I am having the same issue. Are there any updates on how to fix this?

Same thing is happening to me. Did the resolve this issue for you?

What is aiprm and how did you remove it to restore access?

AIprm is an extension from the CHROME store: that provides “curated prompt templates” for chatgpt