No access to GPT-4 with PLUS subscription

Same problem. And so I’m getting charged without being able to have any GPT4 usage. I also can’t cancel my subscription since it thinks I only have the free version. What number do I call to get reimbursed? Not okay to take money without service.

I was experiencing the same problem; being subscribed to ChatGPT Plus and not having the option of GPT-4 or any of the other things I knew were available in Plus. Followed the suggestion of @jamie_london to examine my Chrome extensions, even though I did not have AIprm installed. Turned all of my extensions off, and bingo, Plus acted correctly. Then I started turning each one on and refreshing the Chat tab, and GPT-4 was there until I turned on Gmail Web Clipper by cloudHQ That killed it, and I was stuck with only GPT-3.5. Turned the extension off, and Plus worked as intended. Go through your Chrome extensions one by one if you are having this problem. Good luck!

I have the same issue. I got the PLUS subscription today.

Hi - I had the same issue and also got nowhere with contacting support. In the end, I cancelled my subscription and that seemed to reset access to 4.0. I’m presuming that when I near the date that I had paid up until, I will be able to resubscribe and hopefully continue to access 4.0.

I have this issue, even though I subscribed a few hours before. How do I contact chatgpt plus or chatgpt 4 support center or get help from them?

I am having this issue as well as of this month. Has the issue been isolated yet?

Same issue here. I went to OpenAI Help Center which had a chatbot at the bottom right. I’ve managed to log my issue into the chatbot. Pasting the chat below for anyone who needs help navigating the auto prompts :

Hi! What can we help with?
Accounts and Data
What would you like to do today?
Account management
Which service do you need account help for?
How can we help?
I am a ChatGPT Plus subscriber since 17-Apr-2024 but ChatGPT 4 is not accessible in the menu
Thanks for reaching out. We’ll respond via email as soon as possible.

Hope this works for those trying to contact ChatGPT for help.
This was a few hours earlier. Am still awaiting their response.

Was the issue fixed for you ?

No, it was not fixed for me.
Have tried everything possible that I have also detailed in my mail to the chatbot jaja but ChatGPT 4 is still not enabled.

I have upgraded to Chat GPT plus but it wouldn’t work on the phone (android) app?

Same here. I was using it and it died. Now a version of 3.5 is all I can access that knows nothing beyond 2022.

Same thing here, and I have screenshots. The problem started around early June and continues to this day. Just renewed my subscription also. I am going to get a refund if this keeps up.
Screenshot 2024-06-17 080424

Is Chatgpt down? how can i get help, so frustrating

And I’m going to have an ex-subscription at this rate.

… nvm Logging out and back in fixed it (thought i tried it but ig not), toggling chrome extensions did nothing. I was logged in through google if that matters

Hi Everyone,
I am experiencing the same issue. I have been paying for the plus features and suddenly the system is not allowing to access the Plus features.

Hi Everyone, I am experiencing the same issue, Also gpt 3.5 responses

You exceeded your current quota

Hi, I am experiencing the same problem. Who should I contact to resolve this? Were you able to receive help from OpenAI?

hi yes i’m having the same issue as well. just started today. full subscription etc but now 4.0…