"A" and "A+" plugins are not approved anymore (finally)

OpenAI finally closed the hole and since today forbids some keyword stuffing in plugins’ names. What to do with dozens of “A” and “A+” plugins that went through?


Name it Aabel’s [plugin name] ? :rofl:

Or, what if your plugin name is “Aardvark PDF Reader”

I’m blown away that they are taking this route instead of finding a more suitable ranking method. Hopefully it’s just a temporary fix until they have updated it.

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I’m sure it’s a hot fix. The number of “A” plugins has skyrocketed last days, you can check it here copilot-us/chatgpt-plugins: Official ChatGPT Plugins🧩 (github.com).

I submitted one too a couple of days ago and it was approved. Here’s how many users use it compared to other plugins with “normal” names.

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People playing the system? Say it isn’t so!

Agreed. Hopefully this indicates that they are focusing on a proper solution.

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