New Payment System Crippling Usage

Hi all,

OpenAI has changed my billing system to this new credit based system and it is crippling my usage since I can only load credits up to 50$.

Has anyone found a way around this? I have spent 1000+ before and want to spend another 2000 soon.

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I asked for a usage limit increase request by using the link on this page: It takes a day or two to get approved.

Are you not able to make multiple credit purchases?

You say “there must be documentation for this new payment plan!” Here it is:

The “we deployed it prematurely, maybe we’ll make it work better” excerpts:

  • Choose the initial amount of credits you want to purchase. The minimum purchase is $5. Currently, the maximum purchase is $50 but we expect to increase this soon!

  • We’re working on opening this billing type up to all users and will also have a feature that allows eligible prepaid billing users to switch to monthly billing.

  • We’re working on a feature to automatically keep your credit balance topped up, and will notify all prepaid billing customers when it’s available.

Not discussed is who might get switched to this, and by what actions, if they were already on a post-paid plan with only hard limit.

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I can only top up to 50$. Thats the limit. Once one has credits of 50$, no more top up possible. Incredibly stupid system.

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Thats not the issue unfortunately. I have the limit at 1000, but after reaching credits of 250, without topping up 50 again, all api calls fail.

A possible workaround for now: a second account with credits. They can’t bill you for getting a “quota” API error, so rotate and remember when one has been emptied after getting the error, and email yourself an alert.

At least you get to spend more than $120 per month, where many are stuck when they turn on a fast-accelerating use and hit a limit before they get past billing criteria and get someone to respond.

Transitioning a $1000+ bill history and limit account to this system is definitely odd. Was it specifically removing all payment methods and re-adding (like a tip to get GPT-4 instantly), as a warning to others?

The way around this would be a “billing issue requiring OpenAI staff correction” message through the assistant and hope for relief.

A single-use AI app would be a good case for submitting an Azure OpenAI enterprise services application, with less tedium over micropayments and microquotas.

Those are some very good ideas! Thanks!

Yeah we got that limit increase months ago already so no problem there.

No, we already had GPT4 access due to our payment history. We just wanted to switch credit card from private to university card since my private limit is too low and we are about to scale up our research. But if we had known this has such consequences I would have just asked my bank for a higher credit limit.

Hi Julius,

have you been able to raise the maximum credit limit in the meantime? I’ve been trying to do it via the “help chat”, but keep getting the same unhelpful answers.

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

Are you regularly using your current account at close to the limits regularly?

I haven’t and the chat wasnt really helpful either.

I switched to Azure to solve the issue. Microsoft allows one to pay per use without adding credits beforehand.