Error: quota exceeded check your plan and billings

In my account, despite having $600, I get ‘quota exceeded check your plan and billings’ – Cna anyone please help how to solve this?

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By 600$ do you mean as in maximum spend limit of $600? If so, how much is your soft and hard limits set to right now?

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… and i am not in the first 48 hours - so I should be able to use the $600!!

Agreed, the only thing I am thinking is that it might be a daily rate limit rather than a spend limit, i.e. you have reached a usage limit for fine-tunes, (example limits below) It could totally be an error in the system not related to that. You should as a matter of course contact and use the bot in the bottom right corner to log your contact details and let them know your issue.

we are not using fine tuned model but gpt4 model. I tried with the bot but it gets into a loop. do you have a suggestion how to better log my issue there?

Just let them know that your account is being spend limited when you are far from any soft or hard limit settings.

The screen you show is a monthly spending limit. Not an amount you have pre-paid.

If you are not in an older pay-as-you-go plan (monthly billing), you need to go to your billing overview page and purchase more account credits that you can use.

can you please elaborate - to me there is no clear way. I have $600 approved, and the hard limit is also $600 . I am willing to add more, but all I can purchase and use is $50 each time.

Yes, the prepay system can be frustrating for those anticipating high volume use. The maximum purchase is $50, and so is the maximum account balance. It may need to be reloaded regularly.

OpenAI may add an “auto-refill” system in the future.