New OAuth error today 2023-12-19

This is a new error that was introduced very recently. I am going to open a bug report but I hope some of you could confirm the observations.

After a successful login to the Google OAuth, the GPT is displayed with Allow, Always allow to the site…, so it seems to be fine.

But in the browser console, there is an error “Must use workspace account for this operation”

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Just FYI, lots of sites throw lots of errors in lots of browsers without it ever really being an issue for you or the site.

If the site is working for you fine, I would just do what your browser has done and ignore the error.

I got same error; “Must use workspace account for this operation”

I select “My plan” on ChatGPT’s menu, but I can’t show pricing view.
Could this be due to that error?

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Now fixed. :bowing_man: