New Assistants API bug when uploading files

When trying to build a new assistant within the OpenAI Playgroud if I try to upload a simple .docx file I get the error “Failed to update assistant: TypeError: Failed to fetch”


I am having the same issue at the moment, when trying to upload any file to the assistant.


Also have this same issue, sometimes it pops up as: Failed to update assistant: UserError: Failed to index file: ‘qdrant’

I have the same issue on my side. I am trying to upload a very small json file - only 16 KB, and I see the same error.

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There has to be something that’s broken, this can’t just be us. I uploaded a ùber small file (2kb) and the loaded is just spinning

Same error here - both through API and GUI interface… Uploads just keep spinning…

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similar issue here. uploaded files to assistant playground last night. upload seemed successful but assistant unable to open the files. they show “processed” in the API, but DELETE fails with file not found

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Also have this same issue, I’m recieving an 500 status code error, with a very small json file, and the request took 5 minutes to respond to the error.

same issue here, Uploads just keep spinning…

Same here - Java files work 90% of the time, but I can’t see what is different on the 10% that don’t.

Same problem with C# (.cs) files.

i have a similar problem, my files upload yet when i need the infomation ie, real estate bot it tells me the formatting of my file is not right when i use a docx, or pdf then recommended csv. file that i then created too to recieve the same problem

It seems I’ve come up with a - at least temporary - solution.

For my purposes, I was trying to upload a .txt file, but the assistant kept returning something like “I can’t process the file with the current tools”.

To fix this, I changed the “tools” key in the assistants object to be set to "code_interpreter" instead of "retrieval"

In addition, in the run object I changed the tools key to
tools=[{"type": "code_interpreter"}, {"type": "retrieval"}])
from before just having
tools= {"type": "retrieval"}

I hope this helps, I just tried this so I’m not sure if it’s a permanent fix, but I figured I’d suggest it.