Is the Assistants File Upload Pipeline Broken?

Trying to add files - has been working consistently - now can’t seem to upload a file either via the API or through the Web UX.

Anyone else verify there’s an issue?

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Getting this from the API -

Apr 29 23:26:45 ip-172-31-28-120 web[255618]: 2024-04-29 23:26:45,550 - Failed to upload file: Error code: 400 - {‘error’: {‘message’: ‘Invalid file format. Supported formats: “c”, “cpp”, “css”, “csv”, “docx”, “gif”, “html”, “java”, “jpeg”, “jpg”, “js”, “json”, “md”, “pdf”, “php”, “png”, “pptx”, “py”, “rb”, “tar”, “tex”, “ts”, “txt”, “xlsx”, “xml”, “zip”’, ‘type’: ‘invalid_request_error’, ‘param’: None, ‘code’: None}}

At first I thought it was me, but given that individual file uploads look limited in the Web UX to jsonl - maybe there is some transition going on?

@nikunj I see you are pretty active in response on things, so wonder if you have any insights.

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I’m seeing the same issue when trying to upload files.

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Description: When I try to attach any python file to a vector store, it shows the message “Unsupported” and gives a link to the supported files list which clearly includes python files. It fails regardless of the python file’s contents. This also fails when uploading using the “+ files” button for the code interpreter feature.

Steps to reproduce:

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I have the same problem for .py

Looks like it’s now working for (just the ones I’ve tested) -


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Uploading a py file to storage, or dragging one to a vector store in the UI seems to work, still (or again).

Annoying is this web interface to vector db has seemingly no facility to list or utilize assistant files already uploaded.

Second place annoyance is that provided a single py file (a utility that performs multiple assistants file functions), along with instruction that the example assistants utility is behind file search, the AI can’t answer a question, hallucinating a purpose with <1.0.0 methods. It takes user goading to get it to search, and then AI recites back.

So the file_search on the store and a py at least gets there.

Still getting inconsisent results and definitely having a similar problem getting the Assistants API to read with it’s file_search function. It constantly tells me it has problems reading the file, but if I use the Assistants web interface to access it, it seems to work fine.

I had thought that it must be my thread or run configuration, but there aren’t that many options - and given past performance, there’s a good chance that it’s an issue with the API.


I’m having the same issue with uploading json and txt files. Any updates?

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Still seem to be issues (for me at least) @OpenAl any update or solutions?