New account for open ai using text-davinci-003


I had account in open ai for language translation it has some free usage so i was check with account . Right now when i created new account for language translation for testing purpose there is no free usage.

After creating API key i used it in my code its showing You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details


This is api i am using So do i need to upgrade account and also what will the plan for us if we use this for testing purpose intially.

username :

Hi @savin.mb

You’ll have to add payment method and load credits to the account.

Is there any specific plan for this or based on number of words translate this credit will decrease

To get this account what I need to do? Create a new account and add a payment method.

Is this account chargeable?

Yes, you need to pay to use the services. You should be able to add payment to your existing account.

But it is showing Free. Is it possible to use this account free after just adding payment method

You still have to pay. That just means your rate limits if you’ve paid $0 to $5… You’ll need to set-up billing and add at least $5, but the more you add and the longer you’ve been paying, the more privileges you get.

I tried to add a payment method from my account
But the card payment was declined without any reason(From India).

OpenAI and their payment processor may have a reason - it is just not apparent.

First, you’ll want to go to billing preferences and fully complete the information accurately with that used by your payment method banking:

Then, during a time when OpenAI services themselves are experiencing problems might not be the best time to try to input payments. If it doesn’t work for you, you can wait until “service status” at the bottom of the forum page says “all systems operating normally”.

The type of card itself may make a difference. It should be a VISA or Mastercard connected with a credit or bank account. A prepaid or gift card would not be trusted by the system.