Need Help Recovering a Deleted Account

Is there a way to recover my deleted account? I tried creating a new one, but it doesn’t let me use my phone number since it’s now linked to the deleted account. I do not want to have to change my phone number just because of this issue. Do I have any good options?


I am also experiencing the same issue. It would be great if there is a solution.


Mee too, is there a way to recover my deleted account. Or a way I can create a new account with the same phone number from deleted account?


I am also experiencing the exact same issue. I went to and submitted a trouble ticket but it has been 4 weeks and no one has gotten back to me :confused:

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Same issue here, Requesting OpenAi to resolve this problem

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Same can i recovery my account? :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I have the same issue. Send multiple email to support, but no reaction. Tried the chat 10x now and always the same result from the bot without any human support coming back to me. I wanted to change my email address and wasn’t aware that my phone number would blocked after I deleted my account. So when I tried to setup my new account with new email and got the message that I am not allowed anymore. This is a very strange rule as most people only have one phone number, so I am not able to create an account anymore. This AI is so sophisticated but the rules are ancient. @support can you please reactivate my account?

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I have the same issue but seems there is not any option to reuse old phone number with new account and also, it’s not possible to recover deleted account so it means we have to say goodbye with chatgpt or buying a new phone number :frowning: