Navigating the Launch of GPTs Store: A Personal Experience

The realm of artificial intelligence took a significant leap forward on January 11, 2024, when OpenAI introduced the GPTs Store, promising a more integrated and expansive experience for AI enthusiasts and developers alike. As we mark two weeks since this notable event, I find myself in a curious situation that might resonate with some of you.

Despite the announcement and the ensuing buzz in the tech community, the GPTs Store page remains elusive to me. Today, as of January 24, 2024, the anticipated storefront, which is expected to house a myriad of GPT models and tools, is not visible in my user interface. Instead, what I encounter is a blend of the familiar and the new.

While I can access my existing GPTs and see the recently added “Add Team Workspace” feature, the expected “Explore GPTs” option is conspicuously absent. In its place, the old menu option “Explore” persists, leading me to wonder about the rollout process and its uniformity.

This leads me to an important question for the community: Am I alone in this experience, or are there others who are also waiting to see the full manifestation of the GPTs Store in their user interface?

In conclusion, while the anticipation for the GPTs Store continues, I am keen to hear from others in the community. Are you experiencing a similar delay, or has the GPTs Store seamlessly integrated into your OpenAI interface? Your insights and experiences would not only shed light on this situation but also contribute to a broader understanding of how OpenAI is managing this significant update.

Of course, this text was not written by me, but by ChatGpt :slight_smile:

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