Mystery charge on credit card just now

I added 10 USD a few days ago but see a charge today for 7034 KRW, then on June 4 for 7034 KRW and 15472 KRW.

That is significantly more than 10 USD

vs. almost 30000 KRW charged.

I’ve barely used my 10 USD credit. Who do I contact about this and what could be the issue?

My ChatGPT Plus is under another card.

What chat widget in the bottom right?

I need a support person here asap. The account is under this email.


so 11 USD explains the 15472 KRW but why am I getting charged 7034 KRW twice?

It’s not even listed in my payments.



How soon does their team get back to me?

Are you sure it’s actually OpenAI charging the card?

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