My usage is permanently increasing, past hard limit, I deleted all API keys and I'm not using playground or anything else


I removed all API keys and have only 1 that is never used. I hard limited usage to $1 to try to stop increasing, currently it’s at $20 and still increasing slowly ~ $1 / hour. It should be at ~ $13 as that’s how much I actually spent. I’m not using playground so I’m not spending anything in reality. I send a message through chat in help center to openAI support 6 hours ago but no response yet.

Hi, so account issues need to be delt with by the site as there is no one here who can look at that, but on a technical note, have you used your API key with any 3rd party applications or websites?

Have you revoked all of your keys?

Lastly, are you sure that your API keys are securely held, i.e. they are not included in the source code with any applications you have that are publicly accessible?

Well, I revoked all of them and create a new, never used one, so it should stop. Also 2 weeks ago my spent tokens magically went to 0 on the dashboard without me paying for them, so maybe they are returning or something, I don’t know.

@vukrosic1 have you been able to get to the bottom of this? I think a similar thing is happening to me today. It’s very odd, my usage is increasing slowly (every 5 mins a few cents) for NO REASON with NO USAGE and no new calls in history and its above hard limit already!

I sent them message yesterday, but I guess it’s weekend so they didn’t see it yet. I will reply here when they reply to me.

I am experiencing the same thing. Did they get back to you on this issue?