API not working with SuperAGI

Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to connect the OpenAI API to SuperAI and am running into some problems. Mainly because it’s not coming up as an option and I’m attempting to save the key manually along with the others from Google Palm, Hugging Faces, and Replicate, the Open AI is the only one that comes back with an error message, even though I have a paid account and was able to generate a key. I’m a UX by trade and am well versed in this realm, but I wanted to give it a go. Can someone help me figure this out, please?

A ChatGPT plus account is not a “paid account” for the OpenAI API. It uses separate billing that is charged by the amount of data.

You can try out the API playground. An error there about “check your payment plan” likely means you didn’t set up a payment method and purchase API credits.