My new device displays DALL-E 3 images on any TV

This site will not let me post links. If you would like to see the video demo on YouTube, please search DevMiser Lumina.

The Lumina AI Art Generator uses voice control to create stunning artwork and displays it on any TV with an HDMI input. Lumina runs a python program that uses Picovoice solutions to detect a wake word and listen to requests and OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 to convert the request to an image that is then displayed on the connected TV.

The parts list and detailed DIY instructions are available for free on my GitHub site. Search Github Devmiser


Hi @devmiser! Thank you for sharing your amazing work.
I have used one of your previous solutions to create a screen-less voice assistant
for my kid to provide him with access to generative AI without exposing his tender mind to the nasty tablets and smartphones.
Nice to meet you here!

Thank you. That is wonderful to hear. Nice to meet you as well.

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