Livebook AI Kiosk - Best way to demo OpenAI

Impress your visitors with a customized content created by Artificial Intelligence streaming live to your device! Best way to demo OpenAI. Ships now.

Livebook AI Kiosk

Our Livebook AI Kiosk is a kiosk style tradeshow ready device, the exact replica of our exhibit in the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, customized for your content.

It requires a Business subscription to Livebook AI service. The displayed content is customizable for your audience. You can customize content configuration options as described below or add an existing subscription.

Pre-Order Livebook AI Kiosk with 32" Monitor and Stand
Pre-Order Livebook AI Kiosk Edge Device - (No monitor, no stand)

Kiosk Components

A typical installation comes with:

  1. 32" inch monitor

  2. Mobile stand with wheels and caster locks - height adjustable 60"

  3. Mini-PC pre-configured in Kiosk mode to stream Livebooks

  4. Keyboard with trackpad

  5. QuickStart Guide and User Manual

  6. Requires Livebook AI Business subscription (purchase separately at

Once the kiosk is linked to your subscription, it’s ready to stream content doesn’t require any maintenance. Perfect for trade shows or trade shows.

Ordering and Shipping

You can order the Kiosk today, depending on the components you select, it ships in several shipments:

  • Mini-PC and User Manual ships pre-configured from our warehouse (please, allow 2-3 weeks for shipping).

  • Stand, Keyboard, TV monitor and mounting components ship via Amazon (please, allow 1 week for shipping).

Pre-Order Livebook AI Kiosk with 32" Monitor and Stand
Pre-Order Livebook AI Kiosk Edge Device - (No monitor, no stand)

Setting Up the Kiosk

The Kiosk requires a Business subscription to service which is ready to stream the content for you from a few select categories. You can customize this content as described below. If you purchased the Kiosk without our Business subscription or already have the subscription, you can configure the Kiosk with an existing subscription from the browser, following instructions from the manual. Configuring the Kiosk takes only a few minutes.

Customizing Livebook Content

With Livebook AI business account you can start creating content for your target audience in three easy steps:

  1. Sign up for a Business account

  2. Go to Settings page and set up your content categories

Connecting Livebook AI Kiosk with your Subscription

In the Kiosk device log into Livebook account with the password provided on the back of the device. Click on the Edge browser link to go to Livebook AI website.

To connect the Livebook AI Kiosk with your subscription, select or create a new Live Streaming Token on the Settings tab in your account.

Open Settings, Accounts, Family users and other accounts. Click Kiosk user and add the token to the URL as specified in the User Guide.

Content powered by Livebook AI

You can customize the content displayed in the Kiosk from more than 2,000+ genres and categories, powered by Livebook AI composition engine.

Original post at Livebook AI: Livebook AI Kiosk

AI Kiosk with Stand and Monitor - preconfigured for trade shows

AI Kiosk Edge Device Only (no monitor, no stand)

Kevin Ashley
Livebook AI Founder


Would be cool if you had a demo video!


Thanks, David: there you go :slight_smile: Livebooks - write with AI - YouTube

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Oh man, my girlfriend had the idea of using GPT-3 as a player or dungeon master for tabletop RPG games. This would be perfect. Especially if you add a voice interface.

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Great idea :slight_smile: Yeah, these kinds of demos are awesome for the tech.

A bit slow on the draw there.

I’m not sure what you mean here, perhaps you’d like to clarify?

See our AI Kiosk in Silicon Valley at the Computer History Museum this summer! The device is awesome, really great showcase for OpenAI.

Computer History Museum page with articles made by AI:


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