My latest book project containing AI images

I hope that this post won’t sound too much like spam, but as this is the forum category in here to present projects, i would love to tell you about my latest project.

About 3 months ago i opened up a thread in this forum about a book i created containing several AI created images and how the whole process made me rethink the possibilities of AI. Well, i just took it a step further now.

I know that it is not allowed to put links in here so i will avoid any promotion lookalike and NOT mention the title of the book, as long as i am not allowed to by any admin.

What i did: i created a book that contains 138 AI generated images visualising the title of a famous song, that the reader has to guess.
Let’s say you have a dinner party and pullout the book. People will try to guess it and, scan the QR code below each song and then remember the days they heard the music.

The muisc genres are a potpourri of songs of the last 80 years.
I showed the book preview to a handfull of people and they went crazy about the results the AI came up with.

I am posting this in here to show newcomers how creative you can be with AI. I am creating so many ideas thanks to this technology, that i struggle what to create next.

If you want more information about the book, post it in here or PM me.
I will leave you now with one AI created image from inside the book and wish you a great weekend.

So, do you know what song title this could be ?

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I imagine it’s “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga.

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Ok, that is correct @elmstedt , that was an easy one. But which song is hidden behind the following Dall-E created image?

Or (and possibly more likely)


It would appear that in this picture, the papa has rounded top-heavy stone-like features, where any misstep could send him tumbling.

That may imply that in fact, the children never got a chance to see him before he died, and actually had heard nothing but bad things about him, most of his time spent chasing women and drinking.


Papa was a Rolling Stone?

Sounds like a fun book… or maybe a better website?


That (Papa was a rolling stone) is the correct answer :slight_smile:
Though i must say that the Simon and Garfunkel song is beautiful! Thanks for that suggestion.

Why not as a website?
I love to connect the digital with the real world. On the bottom of each page inside the book you have a QR code that brings you to a landing page that i created for the book.
Said landing page then contains the title, artist and a youtube video.
My wish is that people when at home with some friends can look into the book all together instead of stearing on one smartphone screen.

Here is a screenshot on how that landing currently looks like…

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Ok, here comes the last one. Thanks so much for your interest. I really hope that through this some gain new ideas and projects to push AI forward.

Which song is this?

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Honestly, this is a quite fun idea. I could see it as a daily challenge website, like wordle. You lock in your guess but the answer isn’t revealed until after guessing is closed for everyone.

Or, what was that live trivia game that was a quick fad? HQ Trivia…

Something like that, where if you had like five of these in a row, in rapid succession, like twice a week for real prizes…


I did think Papa Was a Rolling Stone, but he’s not rolling… and it seemed like the obvious guess so I went for some deeper cuts.

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You can stick a link in your bio/profile, we’re not strict about that :laughing:

I think your project is super cool, and I’m also thinking that:

You can have a look at “guess the game” if you need any inspiration, I’m frequently doing that challenge :laughing:

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Thanks @N2U for the reminder of updating my profile :heartpulse:

I just did that and added the website of the project as link to my profile.

Four weeks ago i ordered the book for myself but it is on hold at customs here in Spain and needs to be cleared. I could yell and cry every day.

So if you order the current edition, you probably receive it before me.

So i do not know if the print is fine, the images are clear or if the QR codes linking to the landingpage of the song works. The last couple of pages of the book are the trivia solutions and somw background information about the song or the artist. Even here i do not know of the text is readable.

But due to some dark phases that i have been gone through in the last four months, i felt the urge to publish the website, and start promoting the book somehow.

I am telling you this in such details because i do have some “marketing” ideas but due to my private and health side i do not know what to do first. And when.

Let me give you an example:
A few weeks ago i came up with the idea to create short 60 seconds videos where people have to guess the song.
These videos would be followed by a “prompt-flow” explanation video. In this video i would show the progress of that particular book page.

Let’s take AC/DC’s “Hoghway to hell” as example.

My first prompt was something like: “A man sitting in his Cadillac while hell broke out on the highway, as wideshot photo”.
Obviously this was not enough to be easy understood while guessing it inbthe book.

So my next step was to check the song lyrics and see if i could integrate details of the song into the image.

So in the follower-video i would also show the process by presenting the images that i did NOT use.

So i have plenty of ideas on how to go on with the project, but currently i am struggling asking myself if all of this creativity makes sense to my process in life. Just because some police officer is holding my book back in cutoms.

It took me several months to create the book. Not really the design or content creation. But i remember finishing one page of the book, then scanning the QR code off my computer monitor in Scribus and then lay down on the floor and listen to the song over and over again. For hours.

I hope to inform you soon about how the book looks like and if it works. So long, thank all of you for the critics, the discussion and the time you spent for me. One love.

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The interesting thing about a project like this is that the images themselves, despite you thinking hard about what to put into a prompt, are not copyrightable, not being created by a natural person. So a mechanical embodyment of the idea only leaves the “analog hole” for reproduction.

You can trademark and popularize a phrase to be the obvious way to refer to your product after it is in wide use, with legal protections against infringement.

Before it shows up on an episode of Game Changer.

Hopefully this isn’t print-on-demand by whatever laser printer didn’t paper jam in the back room of Amazon.

And now it’s time to play:

old version

Better hinted version, remember, you are looking for a song title:

(my dalle prompt had enough hints that even the ChatGPT titling AI figured out the artist!)

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Can you give a hint if it is a female group? And the era is obviously in the 50s or 60s right?

You are on the wrong track. The song title could be the title of the game show depicted (which I ddn’t really work hard on prompting)…

a game show that could be about just one girl

song from the 80s

solo artist

very popular female artist

Super awesome. I would come up with “Guess who’s back” by Eminem. But i feel that this … Waaaaaaait… “Who’s that girl” by Madonna ???

I also made Dall-E create me dozens of tv show setups, but many i could not use because the words where totally messed up.

On my FB account i published this one… it was one of the few that did the wording right.

You probably experience it being very hard to compose the game show image or other setting the way you want in DALL-E also! The outfilling technique that makes an image wide made these guys off to the sides of one of the variations:

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Yes, with mine Dall-E also did some weird things. But per se it is incredible what it is capable of.
Am i allowed to put several images in here? I’ll be in 40 minutes in front of my PC andbthen i could add them in here too.

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The amount of images and links you can paste is limited by your forum tier. The amount you can promote is more up to how creative you are at doing it without distracting from the developer forum’s main purpose.

This song might be obvious regardless of how impossible it was for my vision to be realized:

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