My latest book project containing AI images

Can you give a hint ? :blush:
First i thought on De La Soul but that’s just a part of the lyrics ("Mirror, mirror on the wall…)

UPDATE… Man in the mirror?

The person seeing himself as being the capsule is an important part of the simile in the song title.

The pill would not be there if not activated by prompt keyword.

This prompt is a case where DALL-E would not show the view in other than a straight-on first-person orthagonal angle, unlike others (like semi trucks) with the opposite problem.

The song, reaching the Billboard top-8 in 2002 and #1 in the UK, and by a female solo vocalist

Damn, even with help of the spoiler i do not get it.

Inhave now uploaded a second quiz video about my book to instagram (qroftcom) and TikTok.