My GPT's section not showing my GPT's

I have two custom GPTs I was working on that no longer show up in My GPT’s after creating a new organization in my openAI account.

I am still able to navigate to and edit the GPT’s because I have them pinned to my sidebar, but I would prefer for them to also show up in the ‘My GPTs’ section.

If anyone knows the fix for this I would greatly appreciate it!

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I have the same issue Dylan! Disappeared shortly after I upgraded and invited some team members. I can add new GPTS and search for old ones , they just don’t show up in the “My GPT” section.

Could the OpenAPI Team provide an update on this bug status?

Now working after merge but unable to add primary domain, with same error as before

‘Your domain could not be verified: The domain ‘’ could not be verified because it is already verified by another organization. Please contact us through our help center at’