My custom GPT has not been uploaded

Hey guys, my name is Tsebo. My GPT is not yet uploaded. I contacted openAI and explained my problem, they told me the steps I need to follow to upload it (all the steps that I had already followed but, double checked anyway). Not only did I double check but, I even send Gem, an openAI employee who had responded to my query some screenshots as proof that I had followed all the steps and fulfilled all the requirements. Now he is no longer responding.

I am very frustrated because I am a school owner so I created the GPT to help my students with their studies (of course I wanted it to be internal as well but, I wanted to solve my problem first). I was actually in the process of creating a website for this but, when I realized OpenAI is launching the store I was excited and saw an opportunity to potentially fast - track my building process and make quick changes as the students use the app. Schools open next week, the 22nd and I still don’t have positive feedback from openAI and, tested it with a bigger group (being teachers and students so that I can iterate) I need help asap.

I also realized that OpenAI has launched only 12 apps per category? Was this on made on purpose? Could it be a coincidence? If not, how come we weren’t informed because we built our whole strategies on the success of this? Kindly assist.

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Hi and welcome to the community!

From what I understand when you write ‘uploaded’ I gather that you aim to publish the GPT to the store.

Maybe it’s an option for you to publish the GPT to “Anyone with a link” instead and share this link with your students and colleagues?
This way you are not bound by the strict requirements of the GPT store, which are sometimes a bit unclear as of today.
Additionally you can consider to create a redirect to your GPT, for example a page on your school’s homepage to forward your users to the GPT. (, for example). This comes with the additional benefit of being able to switch the GPT in the background later without having to share a new link with everyone.

Hope this helps!

Hey! Yes, publish is the word. So I did that, i send one of my students a link. And, after I did that, it asked them to make a payment to be able to access my GPT but, after they had paid, the page that appeared was not my GPT but, ChatGPT. And, they couldn’t access my custom GPT. I asked them to also write to OpenAI, no responses that site as well.

I am sorry, I am so frustrated and in panic mode that I forgot to thank you for your response. Thank you for your response, it’s amazing to see that someone is responding for once.

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Thanks, I hope we can resolve this!
Please check your inbox where you can share a link to your GPT and I will have a look.
This sounds more like a glitch to me.

Here is the link to the GPT:

As a regular Plus user I can access the GPT.
What I believe what happened is that the person you shared the link with initially was not properly redirected to the GPT after signing up for the Plus account.

Have them try again and it should work.

You are probably right because they only upgraded to plus when they signed up for my custom GPT. I will send them your link and ask them to try again. To the second question I had already published it to the GPT store when they send us emails telling us that they will be launching the store soon. This was on the 4th January 2024. And yes I published it to everyone and have attached the proof below.

When you click on the green save button, did you select everyone?

Because the Published message will also be displayed when publishing to anyone with a link. Also, it was not possible to publish to the store before the store was released.

Yes. I did. They already had the option to publish to everyone even though obviously there was no store to publish to then. But, even after I realized it was not on the store after the launch I published it again. I did select publish to everyone under the category of education.

If you look at the top left corner of the picture I send you it shows that I did publish it to everyone.

That’s what I was trying to get at.
Anyways, let’s just try all the necessary steps one at a time.
I suggest you save the GPT as private and when the link has stopped working then save the GPT again but publishing it to everyone as intended.
If that doesn’t work, try creating a new GPT, copy and paste everything over from the original version and publish the new version to the store.
If you run into any issues during these steps then we should know more about the actual issue.