My ChatGPT account was blocked

Hello OpenAI community,

I use ChatGPT for work, but I have three remote jobs so I used to have one account for each one, and I never had a problem with them, but a few days ago I was blocked from all of them. I believe I didn’t violate any ToS or if I did I had no idea that I was not allowed to have multiple accounts. Is there a way to appeal to get access to ChatGPT again?

Please send more details:

  • 3 accounts: same email, same phone;
  • Credit ($18, API access), free (ChatGPT only), paid;
  • What are the error/block messages for these 3 accounts;
  • API key usage, give the keys to someone else;
  • give the account access to someone else;
  • Access from other locations temporarily - or from other systems besides the one you opened the account;

AFAIK, there are people in a similar situation with no problems at all… until now.