My ChatGPT account Access has been terminated. I need some help

Hello. I am a South Korean ChatGPT user.

I am a novelist and cartoonist in Korea, and I frequently use ChatGPT for work as well as for personal browsing purposes.
ChatGPT is the most important and useful tool for me.

I was using ChatGPT for personal research, research, writing novels, screenplays, etc., but an error occurred where ChatGPT recognized my chat as inappropriate content and considered it a violation of the Terms of Use.

They say that the reason ChatGPT’s account access was terminated was because of a violation of the Terms of Use, but strictly speaking, it is clear that it was not intentional but my carelessness and ChatGPT’s error.

I have complained and appealed to OpenAI several times via email and help center about the termination of my account due to a completely unintentional policy violation, but they do not listen to me at all.

OpenAI doesn’t listen to me at all and doesn’t respond at all. What should I do? If OpenAI doesn’t listen to me at all, should I get legal advice or use a dispute arbitration service or dispute resolution service?

Please provide useful information.

This is a developer forum. There is nothing we can do for you here.

I have hit violation errors numerous times and haven’t been banned. So I have to wonder what you were prompting to get immediately banned. Could you be a little more specific?

You did what you can. Going forward you can continue doing whatever you want, but there is nothing that can be done here.

I would ask though that you add some more details so others can avoid being banned.

You could switch to Azure as a potential solution. Not sure if the ban continues there.

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