My account will not show as UPGRADED

The only reason I upgraded was to get API access to integrate other apps an auto generate content. Customer service has been zero percent helpful, as my question has gone unanswered for WEEKS.

It shows that my account is a paid account when using the interface, but prompts me to upgrade through the account center… I don’t care if it writes faster… I need the functionality of API calls >:( The API’s generated in the account center do not give proper authority since it shows I have not upgraded… I have left multiple emails and chatbot messages with the bot stating that it will be passed along… Not happy with this service at all.

When I go from the prompting interface to my account management through

It shows that I have not upgraded…. In the interface shows that I have

I have included screenshots below, but the basic gist is that my actual account platform will not show as upgraded but the chat interface does.

Expanding on @elmstedt, if you need GPT4 you still need to apply to separate waitlist. ChatGPT Plus is completely unrelated to API and likely has no effect on you getting API GPT4 access.

GPT3.5 access is available immediately through API once you enter billing info (again, separate from ChatGPT)

Hello this is happening to me currently, were you able to find resolution?