My account was mistakenly terminated and customer service has been ignoring my recovery requests

On January 21st, I received two emails from OpenAI stating that my GPT API and ChatGPT usage permissions had been terminated, and my account had been terminated as well. I am unable to log in or export my history.
I believe this account termination is a mistake . I have been using OpenAI’s services for a year now, and I have never had any issues. So, I followed the instructions in the email and online guides to submit a request to recover my account through the help center and email.
On January 23rd, a help center representative contacted me, but only repeated that they believed I had engaged in suspicious account activity and did not provide any further information.
Since then, I have been trying to contact the support team to push the account recovery process forward, but all of my messages have been ignored. I can see that the support team is online, but my messages remain “Not seen yet” .
It has now been a week since my account was suspended, and I have not received a refund for my Plus subscription or my remaining API balance. My development work has been put on hold, and I am unable to export my history.
This account is very important to me, and I have not violated any usage policies or accessing the API from an unsupported location. I am willing to do everything I can to cooperate with the account recovery process. But now, this process has been put on hold.
Has anyone else experienced a similar situation?
How can I continue this process?
Can anyone truly help me?