My account has been banned for no reason

I got banned on janitor ai and I used (for the most part) non nsfw bots please reinstate my account I legit haven’t violated anything bad or nothing bad at all for that matter

Look, I am not associated in any way with OpenAI but I’m pretty confident in what I’m about to write…

  1. There is a reason for your ban—you did something against the OpenAI terms of service.
  2. There’s essentially zero likelihood OpenAI is going to ever reinstate your account.

In the future, when you’re given access to a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art tool maybe don’t take it for granted and misuse it?

You mean this warning that pops up as the first thing seen on the site?

Open AI

Currently, OpenAI might be banning users openai api accounts when using their chatbots for NSFW content. This is not up to us, as this is because of OpenAI’s terms of service. Making a new openai account is a short fix if it happened to you, and your janitorai account will remain the exact same. We are also working on a fix!

likely metacode:

for prompts in API_history:
    if janitor_jailbreaks in prompts():

Why are we doing jailbreaks. Tell GPT that you need him and that will open up the system

I have the same problem. Openai banned my account everywhere now (even though I paid). Apparently if you use janitorAi and they notice, they’ll ban you anyways, because many bots are nsfw there, yet they work together…so it’s basically all a scam tbh