Multiple charges (no subscription)

Over the last 24 hours my bank account has seen 14 transactions from ChatGPT subscription.
I have never ever tried to upgrade my subscription from the free version.
I actually don’t even remember adding my debit card details when I signed up.
But anyways. My account has since drained to insufficient funds since open ai / chat gpt drained my fu*king account.
It is still trying to make attempts to take more money out but these are being declined to to insufficient funds. I need this rectified immediately and refunded NOW! This is beyond ridiculous!!!

I have sent an email to support, many messages to the chat option on openai with zero responses.
I need my money and I want my money back!!



I have the exact same issue right now. 5 transactions and i blocked my account.
I also have sent an email to support. no respons yet … !

wtf is going on ?

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Yeah it’s absolutely crazy!! I have no idea what’s happening. I legit never even tried to get a subscription, so this is mind blowing to me.

I’ve since cancelled my card, received a new one. So I’m also curious as to how they will refund me. IF they will refund me.
It’s crazy

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I also got 2 bookings, just blocked my bank account.

I almost never use this bank account for any online payments, def. didn’t use GPT plus.
But my brother does and said the booking name is different. So it might be another person, scamming the money in the name of ChatGPT.

One of the other few things I paid with that card is the software „Helium10“. Did you guys use that too by any chance? Maybe someone there stole the credit data…?

Same problem here, one transaction of 21,94€ “chatgpt subscription 14158799686 us”… help?

I have the same issue. I never entered my card details however as far as i am concerned i am using a FREE ChatGPT account and NO PLUS subscription. I ask to investigate and ask for a refund 2 transactions on 23rd of April succeeded with amount of $24.96 in total of $49.92 and today the 25th of April "chatgpt subscription +14158799686 tried to $24.81 charge double again. It was rejected because i removed the card. Just wondering why? I didn’t receive any invoices too. What’s going on here?

same here - four transactions (21,71€ each). Cannot remember giving my data, either. And don’t know what to do

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Same here. Was charged 4 times.

Tried to contact OpenAI through help form three times, was promised to receive a response in 3 hours. No response in almost two days.

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Hey folks, please get in touch with our support team via, the support team is working around the clock to handle issues like this!