Monthly Subscription ChatGpt-4 Access not Equal?

Can anyone explain the monthly subscription plan for gpt-4? It seems that not all gpt-4 access is equal? For example, I have the chrome plugin chatgpt for google. It brings up a little side bar and gives a brief explanation on whatever I just searched up. Its cute. I click on gpt-4 on the windows menu to see if it will use that instead of gpt-3.5, it asks for an api key. I follow the bread crumbs and login to openai. This website gives an “api key” and shows my history, billing, etc… But I have no history, no billing history and google says the api key is bogus. I open chat.openai(dot)com, login with the same credentials, click on the menu at the bottom left and it shows my billing history, I see my search history and have access to gpt-4.

What am I missing?

This is a product: ChatGPT Plus - $20/mo subscription

This is a separate product: OpenAI API - pay-per-use
(monthly billing, or prepaid credits for new accounts)

Anything asking for an API key is not your friend. It is some non-OpenAI product. Use carries considerable risks that it could be malware that steals and abuses your key, emptying your account.

I think I figured out what is up, though I see how it can be confusing. So Google offers it’s own, proprietary gpt-4 access for $16 a month. Apparently this is separate from open ai’s $20 per month subscription. And because both open ai and google use the same gpt-4 model and login credentials, the lines are very blurry and one could end up subscribing to both services thinking its one in the same service. There should be a clear line to avoid double dipping the customer, but I guess that’s bad for business?

This plugin is not a Google product.

Google is not OpenAI, nor do they offer OpenAI services or create browser plugins. Somebody else is trying to charge you money by deception.

The only “real” ChatGPT is at Or the official OpenAI mobile app that uses your account password.

Notice the web addresses and my same account in the screenshots. I realize google doesn’t own gpt-4, but they seem to be blocking paid users with their own access to it

On the top of the screenshot “notice: ChatGPT for google is NOT

They are misusing OpenAI’s trade name and the product should be banned from the Google extension store.

Then reading further, you’ll likely be immediately charged $199 if you put any payment info into that garbage.

Ignore the API interface where you see “billing overview”, as it is for programmers and application developers.

Click HERE for a free real ChatGPT account (which it seems you have). You can upgrade ChatGPT to a $20/month subscription to ChatGPT Plus (notice the name) to get access to GPT-4, plugins, and more beta features.

The 3rd screenshot shows I have a paid subscription to openai (apparently)

Yes, ChatGPT Plus $20, “your current plan”, as indicated in the last screenshot, means you already have subscribed to plus. You’re in the right place!

So if my chat.openai window says I’m subscribed, but the platform.openai does not, what does that mean? is for application developers that use the API services.

For example, I might make a specialized AI assistant for my web site that can answer questions about my products.

Or I could develop an assistant that provides technical support to answer questions about installing airplane parts.

API uses a completely separate billing system. Application developers must pay for the actual data that is transferred.

Ohhh. Ok. So what would you recommend for live searching so gpt-4 can get more current or up to date information? I thought that ChatGPT for Google was legit, but if they’re not, I’d rather find something else. Any suggestions?

Also also, thank you for your help on clearing up the different layers.

If you need an AI assistant that can also search the web for answers, Bing AI Chat is powered by gpt-4, and can also get web results to give better answers.

It is free for limited questions, and a free Microsoft account to have longer conversations, but you must use the Edge web browser (the chat being a Microsoft product and them trying to make their own web browser a thing).

It also has been trained for shorter replies than ChatGPT.

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