Money deducted after adding my card

When i added my visa card to my open ai account. after it accepted my card it debitted 412.5 Rs (5$ approx) from my card. i didnt have any bills and i haven’t used it api yet.

why is that? can someone tell


When you set up a payment method in the Billing section, it has this:

Pay as you go

A temporary authorization hold will be placed on your card for $5. At the end of each calendar month, you’ll be charged for all usage that happened during the month.

and it clarifies what it means by a “temporary authorisation”:

An authorization hold puts a temporary lock on a certain amount of your available bank or credit balance. This appears as a pending charge on your account and will reverse within 7 days.

You get similar things with car hire, hotels, or pay at the pump for petrol/gas. It’s a way of verifying that the card is good for making transactions, but it should be reversed within the 7 days.


Hello,I just tried to setup a payment method on my openai account. It charged me $5 which is fine, how ever it showed me that my card was decline by the bank and on openai platform it still says setup payment method. I have checked in my statement that I got charged $5. Why does it not show that a payment method has been setup?

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In my case they charged me twice in same month and my usage is only 0.6 $

Is it always seven days or can it be longer? Because my five dollars is still not refunded after more than seven days.

I have the same problem. The holding charge got deducted on April 1st but it’s been more than 2 months now and still haven’t received the money back. I asked in their chat about this and I got a copy paste non answer:

Same thing as what’s already mentioned in After updating my API payment method, I noticed a $5 charge. Is this a temporary hold? | OpenAI Help Center. Plus 2 months is definitely not equal to a few days or even a week.

same situation here.
its been almost a month since this amount has been charged but still has not been refunded.

Have you been able to hear back?

This was the response:

They’re saying it’s already been refunded and talking to the bank is a lost cause when it comes to getting money back like this. So I’ve just given up :confused:

Why doesn’t OpenAI make this more clear on the pricing page?
This has been an unpleasant surprise for many people.

An authorization on a card doesn’t actually charge the card unless the transaction is settled.
Are you concerned that the gas pump is authorizing your card for $75?
Most banks remove unclosed authorizations within days.

It is perhaps international cards with completely different methods of settling and the backend communication between merchant services and the international processors that doesn’t let them understand “authorization” that causes this.

Good logic for this anomaly would be:
if phone_number.has_international_prefix:
charge for $5 account credit
authorize $5.

When interacting with the help assistant, send a message that it cannot answer that requires staff, like “I paid for a credit but it didn’t appear and I need it fixed”, or “I was double-billed and need account staff to correct my billing”. Although they might not have a way of “refunding” what was not charged from their end, maybe an API usage credit could be given.


For most banks that’s like an automated process that can take a few weeks.

Openai doesn’t block it, the bank doesn’t give it to openai but instead just blocks it.
After some time it will be automatically released and the bank should then also automatically release it. Both processes can take a month or more but could also happen instantly depending on which bank you are dealing with.

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I thought it was $10 … the more you know lol

I completely get your comment… But I had to reply… absolutely yes … I am mad every time my gas station take $75 on my 35$ gas … lol … but… I just take it because that’s the process… Had to comment … sorry