Missing GPT presets in "Explore"

Basically the title, all presets are gone, only creation of new GPT and usage of those I used earlier available.



I am experiencing exactly the same issue as you for about the past two hours. I’ve tried everything: clearing cookies, restarting my computer, switching Wi-Fi networks, and even trying on a different computer. Unfortunately, none of these steps worked. Just like you, my list of presets has completely vanished, but I am still able to create new GPTs and use those I had used before.

It seems to be a broader issue and not isolated to just one user. Hopefully, it will be resolved quickly by the concerned service.

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Same issue here, yesterday evening saving my changes and magic happens: My GPT disappeared and all the “by chatgpt” ones. Fortunately i did an offline backup of instructions and other stuffs so i created it again… :frowning: